Why should you choose Boaphile Plastics ?

Boaphile Plastics has the largest selection of plastic cages anywhere with more than 40 different cage sizes!

Boaphile Plastics also builds 23 different sizes of reptile racks.

Boaphile Plastics is always working on new and more innovative products. This will always be the case. Many of our innovations are directly related to specific requests made by our own creative and insightful customers. For instance a customer once asked if we could install lighting in a rack for him. Jeff said not right now but he would think about it. Jeff made a way. This is just one example of an innovation created by Boaphile Plastics. Another is when a fellow asked if he could take two cages, bolt them together and cut a large opening in the ends of these two adjoining cages. Badda boom badda bang... this was exactly the impetus for Jeff needed to invent expandable caging so frequently copied directly from Boaphile Plastics by others.

Boaphile Plastics is the innovator that created most of the new plastic cage and rack innovations imitated by the competition. Below is a list of Boaphile Plastics firsts:

-Who invented the Fatt StaXX? Boaphile Plastics did. (2008)
-Where can you find the most thorough, complete and thoughtfully packaged web site for Reptile housing of any kind on the WWW? Boaphile Plastics.
-Who invented the lightest weight cages in the world? Boaphile Plastics did. (2000)
-Who is the first to offer black caging of any kind? Boaphile Plastics is. (2000)
-Who is also the first to offer multiple color options? Boaphile Plastics. (2000)
-Who thermoforms their cages for the greatest strength and appearance not using inferior butt joints. Boaphile Plastics does. (2000)
-Who invented installed heat in any plastic cage? Boaphile Plastics did. (2001)
-Who invented the 4' plastic cage with a single door for full access? Boaphile Plastics did. (2000)
-Who invented expandable caging? Boaphile Plastics did. (2001)
-Who invented dividable caging as well? Boaphile Plastics did. (2001)
-Who is the only cage manufacturer to offer their own custom made top of the line cam style cage latches? Boaphile Plastics is. Boaphile Plastics only uses the absolute best hardware possible. While the competition looks for the cheapest we decided to use only the best. We look for rock solid hardware to last a lifetime. Plastic hardware breaks. Screwed in hardware, comes loose, strips and falls off. The bolted hardware Boaphile Plastics uses is rock solid lasting on and on. (2002)
-Who invented the use of low wattage Flexwatt for your herps safety? Boaphile Plastics did. (2001)
-Who invented the vertical pass through? Boaphile Plastics did. (2001)
-Who invented shelves as an option in plastic cages? Boaphile Plastics did. (2001)
-Who invented the "double-thermostat" concept for your herps ultimate safety? Boaphile Plastics did. (2002)
-Who invented affordable, light weight, all plastic rack systems? Boaphile Plastics did. (2001)
-Who invented racks with lights? Boaphile Plastics did. (2002)
-Who invented the innovative and improved airflow venting around the door? Boaphile Plastics did. (2000)

It is sad to say but we have come under some verbal fire from competitors and friends of competitors because we have publicly detailed the many firsts that Boaphile Plastics has developed. Please know that we did not post this information to brag per se. That being said, we are very proud of the many innovations that we clearly discovered first and marketed first. We want to make it abundantly clear that there is a difference between Boaphile Plastics and the now many other new cage/rack sellers. The most important difference is we have been doing what we do now for nearly ten years. Our chief designer/engineer/owner, Jeff Ronne/The Boaphile, has been in the Reptile industry now for 25 years and is a known commodity for honesty before and after the sale. Jeff's Boa breeding innovations can't be disputed nor can any of the specific claims made herein regarding Boaphile Plastics "Firsts". No fewer than eight persons have come into the cage or rack business, sold some products, in some cases took money from customers and never delivered the products, and are now gone. We are well aware of them. We get emails from their customers now expressing deep regret that they chose to save a very few dollars not knowing they would be left holding the bag after their supplier disappeared, sometimes with their money. This is one danger in making a purchase from an utterly unknown quantity. We only say all these things to make you the consumer fully aware of who is doing the innovating, selling, and servicing of products you can count on not only today, but years from now. Boaphile Plastics now sells literally thousands of cages and racks each year. We will not disappear with your money or be gone when you have a problem down the road. Besides this, the inferior quality available elsewhere dramatically increases the likelihood you will in fact need service in the future. All we ask is that you consider these things when you make your purchase. Please once again, we do not list some of our many "Firsts" to brag, but only to help assure you that first, you are going with the leader who will build and ship the very best products available. And second, we will be here in the future to build you more exactly matching products as you need them. Lastly, we are and will be here when you need us down the road.

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All cages must be paid for before fabrication. All orders must be prepaid by any of the following methods
(Certified bank check, money order, Postal money order, which are available at your local Post Office, or
personal check) I am now accepting credit cards through "PayPal".


5% Discount at the $1500 level.

10% Discount at the $4000 level.

15% Discount at the $15,000 level.

"Combo Stacks" already include the first tier 5% discount. An additional 5% discount
kicks in at the $4000 and $15,000 levels.

Thank you.


Shipping is done via Ground. Shipping is FREE!!! The cost of shipping has already been included in the cage pricing.

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Have questions? For a prompt response please call our knowledgeable sales department:

Boaphile Plastics Sales
(507) 263-7289

We strongly prefer the phone for all questions. Most questions require a back
and forth that can take an inordinate amount of time via e-mail. Emails are also
very often filtered by Internet spam filters coming or going and is unreliable.
For those reason, we are not able to answer all emails, but we do answer the
phone every day happily answering questions for our customers.
Hours 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Central Time Monday through Friday.
(507) 263-7289
Please call. :-]

Mailing address:
Jeff Ronne Sr.
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