We are interested in your testimonials as well. We will be happy to add your feedback to this page. In fact we will appreciate it very much. This is an invaluable place for potential customers to see and read about why they should invest in "Boaphile Plastics" cages or racks. We will also be including photographic testimonials from people who take time to send us their photos and a description of what they are working with. This will be coming very soon. Simply e-mail your testimonial and or photographs to to be included in this section. This will be a great way to get free advertising for yourself. You may include any contact info you like. Enjoy and thanks for the help!

"I got my Boaphile plastics from you at Daytona this summer and they are working GREAT I used to get escapee's before but haven't had one since (in the Boaphiles anyway!) They hold humidity great and haven't put up one problem for me! Now just gotta save up and get more!! My snakes love them and never refuse a meal EVER! Amazing how much of a different a cage can do eh? I have a ball python that doesn't have a Boaphile (and is a lil to big for the Boaphile rack I have) but whenever he goes off feed I just put him in it for about a week and poof... instant feeder! Oh ya I love the breeding video you got some beautiful snakes.

Just wanted to tell you thanks!"

John Peckham []

I received my snake boxes today! They arrived quickly and in perfect shape - you guys do a fantastic job of securing them for shipment. The blanket boxes are just as I imagined them to be, and I am going to hurry up and log off so I can finish setting them up!

Thanks for all your help,

"A VERY PLEASED Customer!!!!"


Received the rack. I am sure we will do more business & definitely I will refer you to others.

Thanks again,"

Bill S. - N. Central TX USA

"Good for you. It is a sector of the market that has really been neglected. The attitude has always been, buy this, even though it isn't what you want or go make something yourself. I wish you all the best. You have done your homework and are willing to put in the time. You deserve to reap the rewards. "

"Hey Jeff,
Thanks again for the racks and the extra shoeboxes! They are definitely serving my needs! Excellent craftsmanship! I am very pleased!

Thanks Again!"


"I arrived home on Wednesday afternoon, and there were two very large boxes sitting on my doorstep. It was the packaging for my new Boaphile Plastics tanks for my python. I must say, after opening them up and removing the 4,000 pounds of bubble wrap and masking tape ;), I was quite impressed with the quality of your product. I highly doubt there is a comparable product to yours on the market. The materials are both lightweight and strong, and the fit and finish is superb. They were of even better quality than I anticipated. I must admit I was a little leery about ordering another cage from the internet. The last product I purchased was from ----- -- ------. The product was horrible, and the service was even worse. Your enthusiasm for your product is what drew me to it. You have always been quick to answer any questions and requests, and I would highly recommend your product and your company to anyone interested. After I get it all set up, I will get some pictures of it to send to you. Perhaps they will be good enough shots to include on your website. Just don't discriminate against the pictures because there is a python instead of a boa in them. ;)

I'm sure I will be calling on you again when I expand Gemini's housing.

Thanks for a great product!"


"Hey, I just love your work I have bred many boas, And I just want to compliment you on your success. Here in Chicago were I live every body knows me because I sold them there wonderful and beautiful pet boas. But I make sure the commitment their taking when they get a pet boa. Anyways good luck in the boa business I could see you are doing just fine. "


Yes, everything arrived in excellent shape and I'm very pleased with the rack. I'm looking forward to buying some more of your racks when the money allows.
Thanks again-" Mike

"Jeff and Morti,

Just to let you know I received all four cages Friday morning. All four look great and got here much faster then I ever expected them to. Thank you very much for sending them quickly.

I should be placing another order for (3) 421D cages, (4) 221D by the end of July. I don't think you would need notice for these cages but I thought I would run it by you anyways. I'm also very eager to get into the arboreal cages too but I'll wait for Morti to email me about them.

Thanks again for you time and patience, I greatly appreciate it and I wish you both the best of luck this season."

Best regards,
Darren Hamill

"Thanks Jeff, now my mind is at ease. I appreciate the quick shipping on the covers. You know how exciting it is to get an overnight package. I thought, "Gee, isn't that great? Jeff sent me free snakes along with the cages - what a great deal!" lol The cages look great, and I can hardly wait to get them set up and filled with deserving inhabitants.
Take care, and keep up the great work - the love shines through."


"Hey Jeff,
I have to say that I love the Racks!!!!!! Our Ball Pythons love them so much that a few decided to even eat in their new apartments, he he. Something we've been trying to do in the glass cages for a while. Thanks a lot for taking care of our order so quickly. We will probably be ordering some corner cages soon.... I could not be happier with the service, quality, and speed with which you took care of our order. We don't even mind if they get vacation time in Cannon Falls on the way here before they start the work life, hahaha."
Thanks Again, Tom

"Hello everybody,
Sorry I don't participate much in discussions these days....I'm two weeks from starting my 4th (and final year) of veterinary school and it's CRAZY busy. I know I've left some of you (Bobby, Jeff H., Warren,...others) hangin' on correspondence and I apologize. I promise I'll try to catch up and also try to get those pictures taken/posted of some of the animals we occasionally talk about. I've been so busy I even declined Jeff Ronne's (very public) invitation to moderate his "arboreal boa think tank" at his website. Anyway, I wanted to pass on my initial impressions on some Boaphile cages I just purchased in case any of you are interested.

First, I have to come clean on something........................I own a couple of snakes that.....well,.....that live on the GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <Ashamed smile>

I've tried to keep it a secret, because I can't find a "Twelve-Step" program that can help me!!! Anyway, kidding aside, I wanted to post my evaluation of my first Boaphile on if you're interested.

As many of you may know, Jeff Ronne and I know each other from a past long before he started soliciting our opinions/input regarding his arboreal cage project. While I can't wait to see what he comes up with for our arboreal critters, I did have need to purchase some of his existing style of cages. I have never used his cages until now. I have used many Neodesha style cages (Both arboreal and terrestrial), home-made cages and glass tanks in the past and REALLY wanted to try something new. I also wanted to get a look at these Boaphile cages "in the flesh" so I could get an idea of the craftsmanship and quality before I get a bunch of arboreal Boaphile cages when they become available. While I have no doubt in Jeff's craftsmanship or integrity, I still wanted to get a look at a real Boaphile cage. Well, they arrived yesterday and I was REALLY impressed!!!!! They are all Jeff claims them to be. They are remarkably lightweight, WAY sturdy and professional looking!! I purchased two of the stackable 4'x2'x1' (LxWxH) "classic" style that have a lip around the bottom to facilitate under-the-cage heating (i.e. Flex-watt) the only "extra" I requested was an interior fluorescent light. The light fixture is not visible from the front, but illuminates the cage. I do wish the light were a little brighter, but I think a larger light inside the cage may add a little too much heat. This is not a big deal; I just wanted to point it out. These Boaphile cages appear to be really well planned. For example, there is a recessed lip on the front access opening to achieve a clean functional overlap of the door panel and the cage where the latches lock. Also, the front access is cut from the front panel, thus achieving a "litter-dam" for those of us that like to use mulch substrates and don't want it interfere with the door function or fall out every time we open the door. The joints where the panels meet are tight, clean and smooth. The panels themselves are thick and sturdy. I will have to ask Jeff how exactly he "welds" the seams where the panels meet. These cages look like they will have NO problem holding up to cleaning and moving around. I really can't tell you guys how solid these cages feel and yet so light weight I can carry one under each arm (I don't know why I would do this....I'm just trying to make a point.) I plan on getting my boa constrictors moved in today. I will keep everybody posted on the functional aspects of these cages as I use them.

Anyway, just wanted to throw this out there for anybody that might be interested..... I think Jeff is still developing his arboreal line of cages so if anybody still has input, toss it out there. I can say I have never really been 100% happy with the arboreal caging systems I've used and I'm looking forward to new products whenever they become available."


"Thanks so much Jeff! You answered all my questions and still went out of your way to do for me what you explained. There goes that great customer service again. You make it too enjoyable to do business with you. Why wouldn't anybody? Hopefully I will get it at the new address, if not I now know when to look out for it and where. I'll confirm arrival. Thanks again!" Joe

"It was waiting on my doorstep last night after work. I'm really happy with it. My animals must have crawled around in that thing all night. They were all still moving around this morning. Let me just say you do quite a job packing those things. It took me thirty min. just to set it up (not a scratch on it though!). Anyway, thanks a lot and keep me posted on your offspring!" Matt

Dear Jeff,
"Received my new cages on Thursday!!! My set up...your cages being no small now complete (that is until I need more of your four footers!).

I want you to know how happy I've been w / your service and product and you have a very happy and loyal customer.
Thank you again,"

"Hi Jeff!

I can not tell you enough how impressed I am with the quality of this rack. I hope to do business with you again in the future. Thank you!!!!!



I got the 2 cages today. They far exceeded my expectations. I already set them up. I'll be getting some more soon. Thanks for everything."


"Hey. I got your cage in the mail. The craftsmanship is amazing! It's a very nice cage. I wanted to thank you and may we do business again in the future."


I may not agree with many things you've said on the forums, but as a man I have to congratulate you on the great job you've done building those cages and racks. I have not used them, so I cannot comment first hand on their quality, but they seem to be very versatile and effective. Great design. Congrats on a very good job."


"Hey I got the cage today! It's great. Thanx a lot."

"Mr. Ronne,
Hello. My name is Will and I went to the Tampa show and I picked up two of your 4X2X1 plastic cages. I just wanted to tell you they are awesome. They stack on each other with no problem, heating is superbly easily, and they keep the humidity great. I just wanted to tell you are doing a great job and keep up the work."


"Hi Jeff:

That is one impressive cage! Big and beautiful. I wish my kitchen cabinets were built with that kind of craftsmanship. Really nice! The two-tone in particular really looks classy. In a major coup, my wife has even agreed to let me keep it upstairs.

We've aired it out a few days now, and it's lost that new glue odor. I think we're ready to receive our little boa friend any time now. Just E mail or call first to be sure we'll be home to take delivery. (We don't have plans to go anywhere in the next week or so).

Thanks again, Jeff. The cage is really cool, thoughtfully designed, well built, and much nicer than I honestly anticipated.

We're all looking forward to hearing from you soon,"








I installed the radiant heat pads yesterday in two of my 'Jeff' cages! They were easy to work with to say the least. I used a soldering iron (1/4 tip) and just went around in a circle to make the 'hole' big enough.

I then 'installed' a large captive bred Madagascar ground boa and left rack in office to the wonderment of the 'crew', some of which won't come in anymore. Ground Boa seems very comfortable and not crowded anymore, he was rotated between a 4 foot vision cage and a slide box. Now he has his own home. I also noticed that he was at the cool end of the enclosure and I had the temperature set at 85, but in your boxes they seem to hold heat and I turned him down to 82 and I noticed that he spread out at the lower temperature. I would say that these will be easy to heat due to the 'almost' one piece construction and low ceiling.

Pretty exciting about the smaller boxes. I have old Sandmars that I would love to dump, and the boxes were special made and can't be had anymore. The EZ heat tape has died and I'm now nursing the boxes so they don't crack. Pretty sad, because they are my first racks and I don't want to get rid of them. I'm crying now <grin>!

Well, my letter reads like a 'Dear Abby' take no offense "Oh wise one", and I will look forward to seeing 'colors' and smaller cages!

Best regards,"

"Mr. Ronne, Hi! This is John W. I just wanted to tell you how much I like the enclosure I bought from you at the Streamwood Show last Sunday. What a pleasure it was to be able to handle the cage so easily. I sat it up on top of another cage I have and put a heating pad under one end. Inside I put a water bowl over the heating pad and also a water bowl for the animal to drink from on the other end. I put a thermometer with and indoor outdoor feature along with humidity read out in on the cool end and put the outdoor lead on the warm end. The humidity immediately rose to about 70% and the heating pad on low maintains the heat just fine. I believe the SuperSalmon Hypo I keep in the cage is more at ease in the black interior and has the clear door for light and a view of the world. Anyway, I just wanted you to know how pleased I am and hope to be able to house all my boas in these enclosures as money permits. Thanks again." John Willis


Just looked at the photo's and those cages are gorgeous!! I will want more and hope to get them before you are so booked up for years with orders!

Looking forward to getting them and thanks for the cart, I'm pretty excited and I know my Boas are going to be 'really' happy to get out of the dumpy ------'s."


"Jeff, I picked up my cages yesterday and brought them home. I could not be happier, they look great!

Thank You!"


"Thanks for the e-mail.... The cages are great!!!! They stack very well.... and are very light weight...




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