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We have personally been using the Raytek Infrared instantaneous thermometers for many years. We have had so many requests to offer more of the products that we ourselves use we decided to begin carrying Raytek products.

The photo below shows me taking the temperature of a gravid Boa. The 88.5 degree temperature helps confirm for me the fact that she is gravid. A little known fact is that gravid Boas will run warmer temps that non gravid Boas and this can be measured using your very own Raytek Infrared Thermometer. Gravid Boas like to be between 86 and 90 degrees.

Our Raytek infrared thermometers give the temperature of anything you point it at instantaneously. The photo above shows the MT4 which includes a laser light for ease of identifying where you are getting your temperature from. We use ours to measure our warm/hot spots as well as the cool unheated area of our cages as needed. We also use our Rayteks to check temperatures in the Boa rooms themselves especially through our extremely cold winters here in Minnesota. It's so easy to just grab the bun and measure temps anytime a reading is needed. My wife uses our Raytek to calibrate water as she is doing a water change in our fish tank.

This is truly an invaluable tool that nobody in the Reptile hobby should be without. The temperature gun shown above is the MT4 which includes the laser.

The Raytek shown above is the MT2 which does everything the MT4 does without the additional laser. This unit is $75 including FREE shipping. I have been using this particular model for years.

The Raytek above in the MT4 that includes the additional laser option. This one is $95 including FREE shipping.


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