I would like the address a couple points regarding PVC that may be of concern to some folks. Facts are what are important. Facts are what we are dealing with and facts are what we shall reference.


These points are regarding two particular issues that became an issue several years ago. An obscure typical environmental extremist site run by and for folks who are bent on stopping all those things they deem dangerous to the Earth has publicly posted claims, most of which are not and cannot be supported by any science. There are two claims made that I need to address.


A. One of the claims of danger involves the burning of PVC waste. The products primarily targeted by this extremist site are “Plasticised PVC” products used in product packaging and soft flexible items used largely by hospital equipment manufacturers and toy makers. This is an environmental danger and ultimately a potential health danger. Plasticised PVC that is incinerated may create dioxin. Dioxin is bad. Many products made from Plasticised PVC are burned in Hospital and City waste incinerators. Many products sold in stores that use Plasticised PVC in food packaging, are inherently disposable. These frequently end up being incinerated. Hospitals also burn their wastes to prevent disease contamination. Because Plasticised PVC is documented safe to use, (Reference) it is used in thousands of medical products. One of the goals of these folks concerned about Plasticised PVC is to change Plasticised PVC used in the medical field to something else that can be incinerated without these side effects.


1. The first point that must be made is Boaphile Plastics has not ever used any Plasticised PVC in any of its products. Boaphile Plastics uses “closed cell PVC” in its cages. This is chemically not even the same product targeted and misleadingly accused of being dangerous to our health. Still all PVC is attacked by the extremists whose claims are all debunked by numerous National and International governing bodies the world over. (Reference)


2. None of Boaphile Plastics PVC waste is burned. None of it. We use nearly every bit of the material that we purchase for our cages with many of our programs using virtually the entire sheet. We designed our products around the sheet size, shipping limitations and other factors to avoid just such irresponsible stewardship of the environment and our recourses. What is not used in our many products is disposed of without incineration in perfect compliance with the law in a way that is deemed safe by the governing agencies that oversee such disposal. So the entire issue of environmental impact of any PVC used by Boaphile Plastics is moot. There is no impact for our PVC.


3. Boaphile Plastics are not disposable. The dependability and durability of Boaphile Plastics products is proven and will be around for decades to come and will not be thrown away for many years.


B. The other claim is that PVC is somehow unsafe to our health in and of itself. That is just to be around. This is baseless and extensively documented below:


PVC is perfectly safe.


Numerous National and International governing bodies say PVC is safe. This so say the following:

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • American National Standards Institute/National Sanitation Foundation
  • European Commission
  • Florida Solar Energy Center * (Reference)

The facts are clear. All these governmental agencies have found PVC to be a safe product. The pressures of this extremist group have been of none effect to the governing bodies that deal exclusively with facts. Still the extremists seek to outlaw the use of PVC through exerting political and economic pressure on politicians and companies because the scientific facts do not work in their favor. Despite pressure from this group, Plasticised PVC is used in medical products where our lives may be on the line. Such is the long term track record for its safety. It is also used heavily in food packaging because it is a great product and posses no known risk to people whatsoever. The claims are completely unwarranted and motivated by a desire to push an extremist agenda. The claims of harmful gases from incinerated Plasticised PVC may or may not have merit but as we already discussed, none of the PVC purchased by Boaphile Plastics is ever burned. Nor is our material Plasticised PVC. Federal governing agencies are seldom victim to make sweeping changes strictly based upon the demands of extremists. Sweeping changes that are not based upon fact will only occur in political houses where decisions need not have anything to do with facts. However, the facts are what matter. PVC should not be incinerated and the health effects of this burning while unknown are certainly not a benefit. We agree with that. We at Boaphile Plastics pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious and sensitive in all our practices and procedures. But as clearly discussed earlier, none of our wastes are burned.


As we clearly detail on our site at Boaphile Plastics: Safety is out number one concern. The safety of your animals and the safety of you and your family are our number one concern. (Reference) We pioneered the use of PVC in our cages and the use of the safest materials possible in every aspect of everything that we do at Boaphile Plastics. Our record for safety and the refusal to make accommodation to folks wishing to use unsafe methods and products is well known in the industry. Nobody is more committed to the safety of you and your animals that Boaphile Plastics.


- Other targets of these extremists:


In fact this same group is seeking to deactivate all nuclear power plants the world over as a danger to all of us. Of course most folks agree that that is a silly notion knowing the nuclear power is one of the cleanest forms of energy we have and one that has greatly reduced our own demands for fossil fuels the world over. Nuclear power is a major producer or electricity in Europe which is far more liberal overall that the United States. This illustrates just how far out these extremists are. Nuclear power is just on the horizon of where it will be 50 years from now as well as many other alternative fuels that are in their infant stages. I am all in favor of pushing for these advances but not to the extreme point that some of the extremists are at. It should also be noted that these same folks that aspire to "take care of us" by pushing back the technology that has brought the wonderful medical advances and greater efficiencies of growing crops etc. Those same extremists would be perfectly at home with the PETA members who are bent on removing all pets from private hands including the reptiles we all love.


-Additional PVC Facts and NUMEROUS References:


- Here is a list of some of the many uses for PVC:

  • Medical
    • Blood bags
    • IV containers
    • Tubing
    • Sanitary physician clothing (gloves, hats, etc.)
  • Consumer
    • Shower curtains
    • Toys (approved by the CPSC)
    • Automotive interiors
    • Furniture upholstery
  • Building
    • Piping for drinking water (approved by the ANSI/NSF)
    • Siding for homes
    • Electrical wire insulation (approval under the National Electrical Code of the NFPA)
    • Windows
    • Floor and wall coverings
    • Fencing, decking and railing
  • Packaging
    • Blister pack
    • Film
    • Bottles




PVC is Safe and used widely in Children’s Toys:



- PVC or Vinyl Toys have a great record for safety (Reference) (Reference) (Reference)


- PVC in children’s toys: "Consumers may have a high level of assurance that soft plastic products pose no risk to children," Said commissioner Mary Sheila Gall of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) The CPSC, which has the power to ban consumer products from the marketplace, has spent five years addressing accusations and petitions against the DINP/vinyl combination. (Reference)

- PVC toys pose no risk to children (Reference)


The United States Government’s Consumer Product Safety Commission Report exposing the truth about PVC safety:



- Results of the petition files by groups seeking a ban on the use of PVC in children’s toys. Denied. Clearly if safe for children’s toys, PVC is safe for our animals. (Reference)



PVC is safe and used in Medical Applications:


- PVC is even safe to use for devices that may need to me implanted in the body. (Reference)


- The “Living Bandage” has been invented using PVC to help skin that was previously difficult to heal do just that. (Reference)


- PVC flooring is used throughout Hospitals as a hygienic safe product. (Reference)


- PVC is the ideal material used in medical examination gloves. (Reference)


- PVC is the ideal material to use for packaging pills too. (Reference)


- “The use of PVC compounds in medical device manufacture during the last 50 years has demonstrated its great ability to satisfy the demanding requirements of the healthcare industry. Historically, PVC was introduced into flexible tubing and containers as a replacement for natural rubber and glass. It began to dominate the market when the need for single use pre-sterilized components became recognized.” (Reference)



Claims of PVC lack of safety are false:



- “The absence of any report of adverse effects in any way considered significant indicates clearly the safety of Plasticised medical devices made from PVC.” (Reference)



Additional References regarding the safety of PVC:



- PVC is manufactured with the safest of worker guidelines. PVC is a well known commodity having been used and studied for more than 60 years. PVC is safe in its use and disposal. (Reference)


- “Politics before science: Are environmentalists waging a plastic campaign against plastics?” Environmental extremists are putting politics above science. (Reference)


- “PVC has excellent fire safety performance. Plasticized PVC compounds are used safely in a variety of everyday applications and many vital medical end uses.” (Reference)


- Rated one of the top ten worst moments for free enterprise for 2005 because of one corporation succumbing to political pressure that had absolutely no foundation in the scientific facts. (Reference)


- Benefits of PVC (Reference)


- “Here’s the science: vinyl has been safely used for decades and it is inexpensive relative to its alternatives – a boon to corporations and consumers alike. A 2002 report by the US Food and Drug Administration found zero incidents of adverse human health effects from using plastic intravenous bags and medical tubing, let alone from vinyl shower curtains.” (Reference)

- The PVC safety record in medical applications: “PVC has been used in medical applications for over 40 years with literally billions of medical procedures involving PVC medical devices having taken place.” (Reference)

The bottom line is your safety is our number one concern and the well being of your herps is a close second. You can count on us to have these things at the forefront of everything we do every day.

Thank you,

Jeff Ronne / The Boaphile



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