Here we are again attempting to shake up the Reptile world with the best in cutting edge enclosure technology. This rack holds four Rubbermaid #3308 Polycarbonate boxes. These are HUGE clear plastic boxes. Each Poly Rack is 25" tall, 27 1/2" deep front to back and 18 1/4" wide. The #3308 Rubbermaid tub used in this rack is 26" long x 16" wide x 6 " tall. This tub is the best in the industry bar none. The tubs are slightly frosty on the left and right with a crystal clear center section. They are completely stackable just like our cages. Stack them three high if you like!


1-Poly Rack : $469 each
Poly Racks : $449 each
3-Poly Racks : $439 each
Poly Racks : $429 each

Have your own Rubbermaid #3308 Tubs? You can deduct $80 per rack if you would like to supply your own tubs!

Order Center:
We accept checks, Money Orders or Credit Card payments. We happily accept Credit Cards through PayPal on-line. For your convenience we have set up an automated on-line ordering system found below. After clicking the "Shopping Cart" button and then the "Proceed to Checkout" button you will be taken to our secure server at PayPal where you can place your order safely and securely. Please note I will assume you would like black unless you specify otherwise.
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Order 1- Poly Rack
Click the button on the right to order 1 -"Boaphile Plastics" Poly Rack including all the tubs
for only
$469.00 !

Order 2- Poly Racks
Click the button on the right to order 2 -"Boaphile Plastics" Poly Rack including all the tubs
for only
$449.00 each!

Order 3- Poly Racks
Click the button on the right to order 3 -"Boaphile Plastics" Poly Rack including all the tubs

for only
$439.00 each!

Order 4- Poly Racks
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for only
$429.00 each!

For those who wish to order by sending a Money Order or Check please send your payment to the following address:
Jeff Ronne
PO Box 394
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
95% of our customers choose black for their cages and racks. For this reason we will assume your order is for black "Boaphile Plastics" unless you specify otherwise. You may take advantage of the discounts offered here at "Boaphile Plastics" which can be calculated from the regular prices or pay the discounted prices as detailed here whichever saves you more money. Discounts can't be doubled up please. Larger quantity pricing available upon request.


The photo above shows the size of the individual Rubbermaid 2220 Blanket Box.

Each rack comes with a long cord ready to plug into your thermostat.

The Poly Rack : $399 each


The photo above shows the size of the Rubbermaid #3308 Poly Tub.


Our racks allow you to use your drawers without their lids saving you time. The spaces in which the drawers slide are perfectly sized alike. The space above each drawer is .050" which is less than 1/16". This will not allow even a hatchling Garter Snake to escape. Perfect for nearly all neonates. Each shelf is dadoed into the ends and the back. Even the vertical dividers are dadoed into the back! We are aiming for perfection, predictability and consistency.


The Flexwatt is "sandwiched" between two sheets of plastic at the back of the rack. These two sheets of plastic are completely glued. This heats the rear of the tub giving the herp a nice thermogradient within the tub. The rear of the tub has this heat including "belly" heat due to the fact that heat radiates into the shelves at the rear as well. The Flexwatt is included and installed. We only use a special low wattage Flexwatt. This heat source is less than 10 watts per square foot.

Set up and stacking:

The racks are totally stackable but are intended only to stacked on top of racks of identical size. Racks should be set up on a hard surface and not directly on carpet. Setting directly on carpet may impede the ability to pull out the bottom drawers with ease. If your Reptile room is carpeted simply set your rack on a piece of plywood, particle board or melamine for a flat hard surface.


Options? Oh yes, there are options! Colors! Galore!!! Take your pick! Please add $50 for yellow, red, dark blue, light blue, green, gray or beige. White or my favorite BLACK are stock colors. Place your order by making payment for your rack and I should be able to have it to you within three weeks.

Have your own drawers already and want a custom rack?:

This is a possibility. I will customize a rack specifically for your drawers provided you purchase a minimum of six racks which will run approximately the same price as my other racks systems shown here and priced without drawers or tubs. The exact size and configuration of each rack will be as large as possible and still under the 130" total packed dimension limit set by FedEx Ground. Contact me for additional information.



All cages must be paid for before fabrication. All orders must be prepaid by any of the following methods
(Certified bank check, money order, Postal money order, which are available at your local Post Office, or
personal check) I am now accepting credit cards through "PayPal".


5% Discount at the $1500 level.

10% Discount at the $4000 level.

15% Discount at the $15,000 level.

"Combo Stacks" already include the first tier 5% discount. An additional 5% discount
kicks in at the $4000 and $15,000 levels.

Thank you.


Shipping is done via Ground. Shipping is FREE!!! The cost of shipping has already been included in the cage pricing.

Please click here for information regarding the timing of your order:

Have questions? For a prompt response please call our knowledgeable sales department:

Boaphile Plastics Sales
(507) 263-7289

We strongly prefer the phone for all questions. Most questions require a back
and forth that can take an inordinate amount of time via e-mail. Emails are also
very often filtered by Internet spam filters coming or going and is unreliable.
For those reason, we are not able to answer all emails, but we do answer the
phone every day happily answering questions for our customers.
Hours 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Central Time Monday through Friday.
(507) 263-7289
Please call. :-]

Mailing address:
Jeff Ronne Sr.
PO Box 865
Marshall, MO 65340
(507) 263-7289

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