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Our largest seller the 421D cage is 4' x 2' x 11.5" high cage weighs only 24 lbs. That includes the 1/4" Acrylic door. Cages I have the same size made from melamine weigh nearly 70 lb! I believe these new cages are the lightest weight cages on the market today.


I have made a drastic improvement over other caging in the ventilation department. No more unsightly vent covers! No more need to leave stacks of cages apart because of the vent holes. No more need to leave cages away from the walls because of vents either. The venting occurs at the front of the cage. The door is mounted in such a way to allow a gap all the way around the door on the sides and at the bottom. This gap totals about 5 square inches! That is the same as a 5" x 1" hole for fresh air! This is about the same amount of ventilation you would have from two mid-sized unsightly vent covers. Great ventilation and no more vent covers that fall off and get dirty. Also improperly placing vent covers at the top of cages often creates a drafting or "chimney" effect allowing too much air to flow making it difficult to maintain consistent temperatures and humidity. Thought you might like to know!


Oh yea! We have colors! Black white and gray are the "stock" colors. The other colors available are as follows: Deep blue, light blue, dark green, apple red, bright yellow and tan. These colors require additional labor due to material thickness availability and material costs are higher as well. For this reason, these other colors are available but at a $50 per cage or rack upcharge.


Our racks are all Jeff Ronne's original design as are the cages built by Boaphile Plastics. All RhinoRaXX include heating from Flexwatt routed into a recess in the shelves. Everything we build has been built with safety foremost in mind. RhinoRaXX are build from more rugged Polyethylene. Polyethylene, though the perfect material for racks is unsuitable as material for cages because of the impossibility of gluing the material. Nobody likes leaky cages and we don't make any. Our cages are all glued/welded for a water tight seal. Gluing is not necessary with racks thus we use Polyethylene. RhinoRaXX are it!

Stackability and alignment :

"Boaphile Plastics" cages are ultimately stackable. The 11.5" high cages can be stacked seven or even eight high if you like! They sit on top of one another tightly all around the perimeter. They will stack tight against a wall or against another set of cages back-to-back or end-to-end. Minimizing the airflow around the sides and back of the cage reduces heat loss and increases electrical efficiency. I have drilled holes on the top and bottom edges of the cages to receive two 1/8" pins that are provided to allow you to align these cages on top of each other precisely. These pins also serve to keep your cages from moving. Our cages are so lightweight, without these pins you could nudge them too easily and knock them out of alignment. Not to worry. I have handled this.


Another innovative design original here at "Boaphile Plastics" is our unique installed heating system. Our heating systems include the tried and true Flexwatt used by thousands of herpers for many years. The Flexwatt is glued to the bottom of the cage. The Flexwatt remains isolated from any liquid inside the cage itself due to this welded/glued joint. A typical 2X Heat installation includes Flexwatt that is 21 1/2" wide and 17 watts per lineal foot. This spreads out 17 watts of heat over the entire panel making for a nice warm area that is not too hot to actually rest upon for your herp. This special lower wattage Flexwatt is what we have been personally been using since 1990. I very rarely seen a failure of this lower wattage Flexwatt.


High intensity or "spot lights" can be used safely up to 60 watts. Florescent lights are not any problem either. We will install either of these for you if you like. The light can be attached at the top of the cage by using small screws no longer than ½" screwed into the plastic top. The material drills very nicely and if necessary and cuts like a breeze also.


Each and every one of our cages and RhinoRaXX is machined on a computerized router. So each part is precisely the same as every other part like it that we have machined for years and years. This means you can have confidence that your Boaphile Plastics product, ordered in five years, will fit exactly with that product you buy from us today. Consistence. Quality in materials and the very best in design from Jeff Ronne/The Boaphile who is Boaphile Plastics. Not just another hack, Jeff is a more than 20 year craftsman whose cages and racks house tens of thousands of herps everywhere. His designs have been influential in the successful reproduction of thousands more critters as well. Yes, Boaphile Plastics is not just making plastic boxes but plastic reptile reproduction lifetime habitats.


The plastic used in the "Boaphile Plastics" cages does not breath at all like melamine or wood. It is non-porous. It therefore is very effective at containing humidity. The herps love the fact that it is much more humid in these cages now than it was in the old melamine cages I am replacing. I have also noticed that water in bowls evaporates at about half the speed or even slower than it did in the melamine cages. An additional benefit I hadn't thought of.

Smooth cage bottom:

The interior cage bottom is completely smooth. No ridges. No lips. No valleys. No holes. No hidden recesses to get filled with waste. The joints at the left and right are at a 90-degree angle to each other and are glued/welded. The glue is the same material that the cage in made out of making all the parts one! The glue is not caulk or silicone but forms a "weld" making all joints completely watertight permanently!

The cage itself:

The cage itself is constructed of the lightest weight fully glueable material we were able to find. Every single joint inside has been glued/welded. In tests that I have conducted the glued/welded portion of the cage is more sturdy that the original material itself. These cages are the lightest weight cages I am aware of on the market anywhere. The special design of the cage, which we are seeking a patent on, is what makes these cages stay straight. The fronts do not sag, ever. These cages are only intended to support other cages built by "Boaphile Plastics" of the same width. They are not meant to support encyclopedias or your keg of beer but only another "Boaphile Plastics" cage of the same width. The cage has been engineered with the necessary strength to support another cage of the same width. I do have a stack of newspaper four inches high on the top of one stack myself with absolutely no problem though. Just want to make sure folks don't go crazy stacking other stuff on top of the cages.

The door :

The door is made of top quality 1/4" thick Acrylic. There is no frame. The Acrylic is the door complete! The door is not a "half access" sliding glass door(s) that will bind due to weight from other cages. No more binding doors! The cages are designed to correct the significant problem of door pinch! The door opens completely out of your way and facilitates easy cleaning inside and out. A fully opened door makes it easier to gain access to the entire cage vs. only part of the cage at a time. As many of you know, plex or Acrylic warps or bows after exposure to heat and or humidity differential on opposite sides. My design has worked with the Acrylic to avoid these difficulties and to guarantee the unhindered integrity of the door operation. Acrylic vs. glass is "softer" as well. The door has some give to it reducing the chance of your animal harming himself striking at the door. In addition to the Acrylic door a rubber bumper has been used between the door latch and the Acrylic itself resulting in additional "bounce" to the door. The latches are top of the line "barrel bolt" style latches that bolt down rather than a twisting catch that can easily be nudged open. The bolt must be lifted and once locked gravity keeps the door locked. The door is secured to the cage using not two but three hinges (This is true of cages 3' long or longer. Smaller cages only need two hinges). These hinges are not just screwed in but bolted to ensure a permanent set. No more stripped screws. The nuts used on these bolts are nylon lock nuts.

Handles or grips:

The method of construction I have used makes numerous "ridges" and little finger grips around the perimeter of the cages. These will be much easier to move around than many that are completely smooth on the outside allowing no grip for the handler.


Shipping is always free for anyone inside the continental United States. We do tons of shipping to Canada as well. Please read the next section for additional information about shipping to Canada.

Canada Shipping:

Canada Shipping: We have our account set up with FedEx to ship to Canada without your order being held in customs waiting for additional fees to be paid by the recipient. We pay all these fees here on our end. You pay those fees to us at the time the order is placed, so there is no delay in Canadian Customs for you. There are a number of additional Fees that are unavoidable when we ship to Canada. These fees include but are not necessarily limited to the following; The Broker Fee, all Canadian taxes including GST and PST, Mandatory H.S. Release Fees, Disbursement Fees, other ancillary fees and the additional shipping charge itself. The additional shipping charge is that amount over the charges shipping to the furthest point within the Continental Unites States. This amount varies depending on the item purchased and your location in Canada. Please call for a quote on shipping to your location. A good rule of thumb is all these fees can be between $70.00 and $120.00 for each box. The majority of these fees are not the additional shipping charges but the Taxes and other Canadian handling fees that are unavoidable for anything being imported into Canada.

Terms and Discounts:

Terms and Discounts: All cages must be paid for before fabrication. All orders must be prepaid by any of the following methods (Certified bank check, money order, Postal money order, which are available at your local Post Office, or personal check) Personal checks take 7-14 working days to clear. I am now accepting credit cards through "Paypal". Orders over $1000 will receive a 5% discount. Orders over $2500 will receive a 10% discount. Orders over $10,000 will receive a 15% discount.




All cages must be paid for before fabrication. All orders must be prepaid by any of the following methods
(Certified bank check, money order, Postal money order, which are available at your local Post Office, or
personal check) I am now accepting credit cards through "PayPal".


5% Discount at the $1500 level.

10% Discount at the $4000 level.

15% Discount at the $15,000 level.

"Combo Stacks" already include the first tier 5% discount. An additional 5% discount
kicks in at the $4000 and $15,000 levels.

Thank you.


Shipping is done via Ground. Shipping is FREE!!! The cost of shipping has already been included in the cage pricing.

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