"Under-Cage" Heating!!!

As the leader in hand made custom crafted all plastic cages, more than four years ago we pioneered the first method to safely heat plastic cages using the best possible material. The "Low Wattage" Flexwatt.

The Flexwatt products we use are vary slightly depending on the application. For instance the 2X Heat is a special product that is 21 1/2" wide and 17 watts per panel, which is about 22" long. More than three square feet of gentle warmth for your herps. We built our cages with a recess underneath to capture the Flexwatt to be placed between the cages allowing for heating the cage underneath. Then approximately one year ago we invented the "under-cage" installed heating method allowing for this same true low wattage and intimately safe Flexwatt to be used to heat our innovative cages.


In an effort to always meet and exceed your expectations of us we have innovated an even less expensive heating option! This will save us time and therefore this will save you money! We are now installing our own low-wattage Flexwatt heating systems outside the cage mounted to the bottom of the cage itself! He have machined recesses to allow for the thickness of the clips so your cages don't grow taller from the Flexwatt between the cages. This saves us the additional plastic material we need for the interior installed heat option shown above and the labor to install it. We are passing this savings right on to you.

There are three different options I will describe below to help you decide which option will work best for you. Feel free to call our sales department as well for any additional help regarding this or any other question you might have regarding Boaphile Plastics.

1. Under Cage Heat X 1 : This option is for keepers and breeders who have cages stacked on top of each other and maintain their rooms at temps over 74 degrees. This is true for 421D, 322D and 321D Cages. This is also a good option for those with rooms more like 70 degrees inside of the 120D, 122D, 123D and 221D cages. This "single dose" of heat is fine for folks who only have one or two cages stacked if those cages are less than 3' in length. *

2. Under Cage Heat X 1.5: This is workable for those with a single 421D cage if the room it is kept in is at least 72 degrees during the day and 68 at night. This size also works well for people with 422D cages stacked as they gain heat and benefit from each other.

3. Under Cage Heat X 2: As a general rule this is the heating option we recommend for anyone using "Expandable or Dividable" caging options. This is also recommended to folks with only one 422D cage in a relatively cool space.

Heating can be tricky complicated to fine tune. The best way to achieve the heat desired and the safest way is to use the lowest amount of wattage possible to achieve the temperatures desired. Let me give an example. I spoke with one fellow once about our thermostats. He had a competitors thermostat fail and killed a number of his animals. He was also using a competitors cages. He was using ceramic heating elements to heat his cages. The ceramic element used were a far higher wattage than he required. He knew this but used them anyway because he had the thermostat he had trusted to keep things in check. Well the thermostat failed leaving the electricity on wide open killing a number of animals in a number of cages. This fellow was really irate at the maker of the thermostat that failed. Well the thermostat in fact did fail. However this particular keeper failed his Herps as well. There were lower wattage heaters available. He did not want to buy all new ones so he used what he had. Had he operated with the philosophy of heating that we preach, he would have found the ceramic heat element that was the lowest wattage possible to achieve the temperatures desired. In this way, in the event of a thermostat failure, his animals may have been very uncomfortable but likely could have survived. So we always recommend NOT going overboard on a heating system but carefully calculating what is required to complete your particular set up in your particular situation to your particular animals. This is something we are happy to help our customers figure out. Please call us with any questions regarding the proper system to heat your animals.

* Keeping and or breeding Reptiles best really requires a room of a reasonable level of warmth. We recommend that it is best to keep Reptiles in any type of caging in a room that is at the minimum 72 degrees during the day time and not cooler than 68 degrees at night. Better yet keeping your room at 75 degrees will make you and your Reptiles much happier. The vast majority of Reptiles commonly kept are tropical animals or animals that come from areas where the temperatures are relatively warm. This fact means that we must keep our charges warm to keep them living and healthy. You must remember that the temperature of your room IS the temperature of the fresh air that is going to circulate into the cage where your Reptile is kept. Therefore if your Boa Constrictor is in a 62 degree room, regardless how warm you are able to get the enclosure, the air that will come into that enclosure will be just 62 degrees. This is a very low temperature and a recipe for a cold and unfortunately for the Boa, possibly pneumonia and death. The air when circulating into the enclosure must be warmed to whatever the temperature is within that cage. In the mean time the draft caused by this cold air can whip in and around your Boa. Many Reptiles tend to hide or go to the coolest place possible when in captivity. For this reason it is always much much better for Reptiles to be kept in a room that is closer to the temperature desired inside the cage. Ideally we recommend that cages be kept in a room that is not less than ten degrees cooler than you expect the interior cage temperature to reach. These are just some good common sense rules of thumb and part of what we hope to do at Boaphile Plastics in being a full service company. We are here to help our customers should you have additional questions regarding heating or any other issues.




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